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Kush Mountain was founded in 2022 by Tyson Wall and Chad Chisan in their hometown of  Prince George, BC.  The boys recognized opportunity in the legal market and wanted to join ranks with like-minded growers to level up what was available for the recreational consumer. The road to licensing was filled with unexpected challenges but the KM team refused to let doubt bury their plans.

Kush Mountain was officially licensed in January of 2023. The official journey had begun in 2020, manifested through a decade old dream. Nestled on the banks of the Nechako River is the 20,000 square foot micro-cultivation and processing facility with room for future expansion. The team is looking forward to producing high quality craft cannabis for the local, provincial, and eventually global market.

Grow big or go homeless


Tyson Wall is a 2nd generation farmer. He specializes in crafting high quality cannabis with innovative cultivation techniques that push the boundary for both current and future operations. Not one to stray away from the roots of the legacy growers Tyson prides himself on transforming new and original BC strains with his unique grow methods to bring out the highest quality product possible.

“If you want to go big, stop thinking small.”

Tyson Wall - BC Cannabis Canada Grower Kush Mountain
Justine Wall - BC Cannabis Canada Grower Kush Mountain


Justine Wall is a registered nurse by trade, but her attention to detail and knowledge of the cannabis market has steered her towards a new path as KM’s quality assurance and regulatory person. Justine recognizes the medicinal benefits of cannabis and looks forward to the medical advances that will increase the push towards non-traditional methods and the utilization of this incredible plant.

“Quality is not an act, it’s a habit.”


Chad is the president of Kush Mountain. Tyson and Chad’s friendship began on the playground in grade 1. Their sandbox looks a little different these days, but the pair never really left the playground. Now, they just grow in it. Chad brings extensive business experience as an entrepreneur to the KM table. He started his first incorporated company in 2008 with C. Chisan Holdings and has added a rental outfit company, Dozer Power. Chad works across the province but always makes time for his passion in Kush Mountain.

“Back to our roots”

Chad - BC Cannabis Canada Grower Kush Mountain

Quality is not an act, it's a habit.

Kush Mountain featured in BC Craft Farmers Co-op

Co-op Member Kush Mountain Craft Cannabis Takes The Slow Road to Quality Weed. 
This article originally appeared in StratCann on July 14, 2023, written by David Brown.

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Kush Mountain

is a licensed micro-cultivation and processing facility that specializes in the curation of high-quality craft cannabis in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. Our handcrafted product represents the unique culture and lifestyle of Northern BC.